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Mini Roulette Online 2022: Comprehensive Guide for Gamblers

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If you want to have a break from traditional real money slots and experience something new, online mini roulette is worth trying. The best online casinos offer this game to diversify players’ gambling options and provide more entertainment in virtual lobbies. 

So, it deals with the European roulette’s smaller variant packed with simple rules, the exciting betting process, and decent payouts. However, a smaller version doesn’t mean any winnings! On the contrary, frequent winnings are probable if you know how to bet. In any case, some knowledge is necessary to win significant amounts. In this review, you will find key takeaways about the game and learn about the rules. Then, keep reading, and luck will present itself. 

Mini Roulette Online 2022

How to Bet on Mini-Roulette at Online Casinos

A unique concept of mini roulette online belongs to Playtech and implies dealing with a tiny wheel and 13 numbers, including zero, instead of 37 or 38 slots. This design makes the game simpler for novices but increases its house edge to 7,96%. It means the casino wins eight times out of a hundred in the long run. It’s nearly twice more frequent as standard roulette allows. Still, you have decent chances after considering the following information about how to play mini roulette. 

1. Take into account types of bets with different payout ratios:

  • Even/odd stakes.
  • Red/black wagers.
  • High/low bets.
  • Column of numbers.
  • The crossing point of four numbers (square or corner bet).
  • Three numbers in a row called the street bet.
  • Splits (cover two numbers).
  • Single numbers: 11:1.

Besides, you’ll get half of your stake back if the ball land in the zero pocket. 

  1. Once you’ve chosen the wager you like the most, it’s time to spin the virtual reel. For this purpose, click the Spin button on the slot to launch the process. You don’t have to take any action since everything is automated and grasped by Random Number Generator. So, just wait to believe in your luck.
  2. Wait until the ball goes to the slot and find out how much you’ve won according to the pay table. If you fail, try again after checking your budget. 

Mini roulette is the best game of chance for many gamblers. If you decide to try the slot, you can apply various strategies and place different bets to enhance your experience and generate more winnings.

Mini Roulette’s Key Difference from other Roulettes 

Have you already chosen mini roulette to play at the real-money casino? Then, you should learn about La Partage Rule. The greatest thing about this rule is that it decreases the house edge from 7.89% to 3.85%. This way, players get more chances to beat the casino. So, what is La Partage all about?

This rule is valid for even or straight-up bets when the ball falls to 0. What does it mean? You’ll see black numbers 2, 6, 8, 10, 12, and red numbers 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 on the table. So, even bets are from 1 to 6. If you bet on even numbers and see the ball in the zero pocket, the casino returns you 50% of your wager. 

Mini Roulette Odds and Payout Compared to Other Roulette Versions

With fewer pockets on board, the odds also look different. So, look through the table to ensure the odds’ correspondence to your expectations. 

Even/Odd46.2%1 to 1
Red/Black46.2%1 to 1
High/Low46.2%1 to 1
Column 30.7%2 to 1
Square (corner)30.7%2 to 1
Street 23.1%3 to 1
Split15.3%5 to 1
Single (straight)7.7%11 to 1

Why Mini Roulette Odds and Payout are Unique?

When choosing new slot games, you should be aware of your prospects. Various types of roulette have different names, rules, and odds. To get you rid of testing all the games independently, we present the table that compares roulette versions’ features.

RouletteHouse EdgePocketsDouble ZeroLowest PayoutHighest PayoutLive Dealer VersionFree Demo Mode
American5.3%38Yes1 to 135 to 1YesYes
European2.7%37No1 to 135 to 1YesYes
Double Ball2.28% with a single zero5.26%-7.76% with a double zero37/38Possible 1 to 117 to 1 if 1 ball hits34 to 1 if 2 balls hitYesYes
Multi-Wheel2.7%37No1 to 135 to 1YesYes
French2.7%37No1 to 135 to 1YesYes
Mini3.85%-7.89%13No1 to 111 to 1YesYes

Mini Roulette Online for Mobile Devices

Mini roulette casino game is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. It has an intuitive interface and convenient layout to tap the necessary options without mistakes. Yet, you should consider your smartphone’s quality and power. Thus, while older gadgets may provide a good experience playing mini roulette slots, they will hardly handle live streams. 

In addition, much depends on the casino. The best gambling platforms are well optimized for mobile devices resulting in a seamless betting experience when you play at the instant casino via your browser. In addition, many decent apps exist in the Apple Store and Google Play. You can download any and try your luck. 

No need to worry about functionality since mobile casino apps offer the same bonuses, promotions, and games as their desktop siblings. Hence, checking the app for mini-roulette on board before downloading is a good idea.

In addition, we recommend relying on our professional reviews to stay safe and protected from low-down virtual casinos. 

Other Roulette Versions Worth Attention

While brick-and-mortar houses offer a few roulette tables, quality minimum deposit casinos with high payouts and a massive pool of titles boast plenty of games presented in different versions. They have unique interfaces, bets, and payouts. However, all games come with good odds and a relatively low house edge to let people win. With similar rules and an easy-to-understand betting process, all versions are tasty morsels for novices and regulars.

Final Words

In taking stock of our mini roulette review, we’d like to outline the game’s simplicity and convenience. With only 13 pockets and a reduced number of bet types and odds, even the total “rookieďż˝? will learn the rules, numbers, and percentages in a couple of minutes. The best gambling platforms always provide room for experiments and new impressions. So, it would be a shame not to draw on one more opportunity to beat the casino. 

Mini Roulette Casino Game FAQ

Of course, mini roulette is not as widely played as its full-fledged European version. Thats’ why it might be interesting for your to know details after reading the answer to the most crucial question about this game.

Which software developers have mini roulette in their portfolios?

Playtech was a pioneer in this niche. Today, you will find quality releases from NetEnt, Mobzway, and SoftGaming. In addition, Evolution Gaming presents a live-dealer mini roulette online.

Can I apply strategies while playing mini-roulette?

If you play dubious slots in an unknown virtual place, the probability of facing rigged mini roulette is high. Instead, betting on games developed by prominent providers and choosing the legit casino ensures fair gambling and regular payouts.

Can online mini roulette be rigged?

If you play dubious slots in the unknown virtual place, the probability of facing rigged mini roulette is high. Instead, betting on games developed by prominent providers and choosing the legit casino ensure fair gambling and regular payouts.

Which mini roulette bets should I choose to win?

Any type of bet generates winnings. However, stay focused on odds/even, red/black, and high/low outside bets if you look for low-risk betting.

What is the highest payout in mini-roulette?

When you place a single bet, you get a chance 11 to 1. It is the highest possible payout. However, the probability of hitting a single number is the lowest – 7.7%.

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