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European Roulette 2022: Introduction to Canadian Players

MainCasino Games CategoryEuropean Roulette 2022: Introduction to Canadian Players

When you get bored of playing new slot games, it’s worth returning to the more three-zone option in the gambling industry. One of these is European roulette. For those who are fans of the French version, it will be much easier to get used to the design and rules of this type. However, the differences between European and American roulette are significant. 

European Roulette 2022

Players often misunderstand why the French and European versions have differences. But if you delve into the game’s very essence, everything falls into place. Find out the features of the European version to have fun and profitably spend your free time.

Playing Guide at European Roulette

To start the game, a gambler can decide on the platform where to play. It is not the easiest task, but it is quite doable if you adhere to certain selection criteria – security, payment methods, bonuses, user reviews, etc. For new players, the best option is to look at minimum deposit casinos. Suppose the player has chosen and registered on the platform, then follow the instructions below for a successful game.

  1. Find out from which provider the version of the game is provided, and study its features.
  2. Take a close look at the layout. This game has a classic design and a gaming table. The player will see from zero to 36 numbers and two primary colors – black and red.
  3. Think about the best bets to make. Please note that it is not necessary to place too many bets. It would be more optimal to make two or three outside bets.
  4. If the player prefers a live casino, write to the dealer in the chat that you are ready to start playing. On the other hand, if it’s a simple online casino, click the dedicated button to get started.
  5. Play and place new bets. Set in advance a limit on the amount lost so as not to suffer significant financial risks.

By following simple tips and advice, the player has more chances to spend time having fun and getting some extra winnings. Players can choose their strategy and place bets in any sequence and combination. Many people strive to find a winning system, and mathematical laws and powerful computers are involved in this direction. Other players prefer not to burden themselves with complex mathematics and prefer to bet on their favorite numbers. In any case, the roulette wheel treats everyone equally impartially.

Main Differences Between European & French & American Roulette

European Roulette does not have special rules, as, for example, there are in French roulette when zero is rolled. The greatest differences fall precisely on odds and bets.

The roulette wheel has a significant impact on the game. The advantage of playing French or European roulette is much lower than American roulette. It is due to the extra pockets in the American version. There are 37 possible outcomes in the European game, which means a ratio of 36:1. However, if you win, this bet only pays out 35:1. The difference between real and home odds is the so-called home preference. For example, if a player spins the wheel 37 times, there is expected to be one win and 36 losses.

Roulette has some of the widest betting options in most casino games. You can bet on certain numbers, groups of numbers, the color of the winning numbers, etc. Since there are several versions of roulette, it makes sense that there are differences between their bets. For starters, European, French, and American roulettes all have relatively identical betting options.

For example, in split bets, chips are placed on the border, separating two numbers. This bet pays out 17:1 on either version, but the actual payout is 17.5:1 in French and European roulette and 18:1 in American roulette.

Many platforms give short descriptions-hints during the selection of a bet or explain what it is in general.

European Roulette Odds & Payouts

Odds & Payouts in this category are almost identical to the French version. However, new players may not be familiar with them. Carefully study the main features of bets, as this will help increase the chances of winning. Beginners often try to make the same bets every time, but this criterion is not the key. You need to take into account the percentage of wagering for each type.

TypeMeaningPayoutOdd in %
Straightchoosing a single number35/12.7
Split Consists of betting on two adjacent numbers by placing chips between 17/15.4
Street Means betting on three numbers forming a vertical row – 14, 15, 1611/18.1
CornerIndicates a bet on all four numbers by placing a chip on the table where they meet8/110.8
ColumnMeans betting on three columns of numbers2/132.4
DozenMeans betting on the first, second, or third set of 12 2/132.4
Red/BlackIndicates any red or black number1/148.6
Even/Oddchoosing an odd or even number1/148.6
Low/Highchoosing 1-18 or 19-361/148.6

Comparing Features of Roulette Variants

The most common and favorite type of roulette is European, and it can be found in the portfolio of many providers. It has been the inspiration for dozens of products based on RNG technology in recent years. NetEnt and Pragmatic Play are just a few providers that have released their versions. The success is in its comparison with other versions due to different criteria.

Ruolette TypePocketsHighest payoutLowest payoutHouse edge %
European3735 to 11 to 12.7
French3735 to 11 to 11.35
American 3835 to 11 to 15.26
3D3735 to 11 to 12.7
Mini1335 to 11 to 13.85

European Roulette Casino: Mobile Version

Most players prefer to play from mobile devices. Therefore, European roulette is also available to them. Two optimal options allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of excitement without any problems. First, each interested player can download a specially designed mobile application for iPhone or Android. Most games are mobile-friendly if your favorite platform doesn’t have a separate app. Then, the player should open a browser on the phone, go to the official website, select European roulette, and start playing.

European Roulette Casino: Mobile Version

More Roulette Variants to Have Fun

If the player is tired of the classic version of roulette, there are always a few other options to diversify the game. But don’t expect the rules to be identical. Before proceeding with the new version, it is worth learning more about the features. Many players like to alternate them among themselves so that their favorite game does not have time to get bored.

Final Thoughts: Beneficial European Roulette

If you’ve always been attracted to new roulettes, it’s hard to get on a certain game; it’s better to start getting a more classic version – European roulette. It has the most well, just its rules and no less favorable conditions. Remember that theoretical knowledge always helps win and feel more confident at the table.


Look at the answers to the most common questions regarding European roulette online. They will fill the remaining problems in understanding the topic.

What Type of Roulette is Most Often Found in a Casino?

The famous and reliable casinos most often add European roulette. It is since it has the largest number of fans around the world, including Canadian players. It is also called the classic variation found in offline casinos throughout Europe. Also, game providers often develop separate mobile applications specifically for this type of game.

Is It Possible to Calculate the Chance of Winning in European Roulette?

Many people believe that it is possible, but it is not. It’s all about the tires and honesty on the dealer’s part. The second point implies the lack of computer intelligence and twisting of the results. Special gaming commissions monitor compliance with the fair rules of the platforms.

What Are the Disadvantages of Playing from a Mobile Browser or Application?

Modern games are well adapted to the mobile version, and many users complained about poor graphics at the beginning of their integration. However, this is no longer a problem. The only thing that may be unusual for a player who is used to a large computer screen is its small size. It is worth recognizing that playing anywhere from your phone is a great opportunity.

What Is the Age Limit for Playing European Roulette?

Age restrictions for the game are the same as for general registration at the casino site. The player must be over 18 and, in some cases, 19. The account will be blocked if the site administration finds out that the user lied about a real age.

Who Should not Play Roulette Online?

Minors should not play any real money slots. However, it is a strict rule; they are a recommendation. If you feel an uncontrollable craving for gambling, it is better to avoid online European roulette as well since there is no guarantee that you will be able to stop on time and not spend more than the planned amount.

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