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Reasons for Blocking the Casino: What to Do in Case of Blocking

The gambling industry has appeared in the area of ​​interest for people. In 2011, the industry was considered dangerous and not understood by everyone. Nowadays, anyone over the age of 18, sometimes 19, can register at the casino and have a good time. View statistics on how much, on average, Canadian casino players can spend on online entertainment.

Gambling is any game where the player can win or lose money or property. In the network, it’s an online casino.

Based on the table, the amount per day does not exceed $50. But, it does not take into account players who spend around the same amount but distributes it over several types of games.

Bad things happen, and it’s not about losing. You go to the site and see that casino blocked account. What is the reason, what should be done, and how to protect yourself? The answers to these and other questions can be found in today’s article. It can be your guide on how to emerge victorious from the situation and be warned against such scenarios.

Main Reasons for Blocking Casino Account

Do you find that your account is blocked? Do not rush to panic. It may happen for your safety. The further algorithm of actions will depend on the cause. So you need to deal with it first. Imagine that the blocking from the casino is 100%. But the reasons themselves can be divided into three categories. What percentage falls on each of them?

These are approximate world data, and their figures are encouraging. 80% of cases are legal. Some happen due to the players’ fault, and some because of the casino. You are wondering what is included in 20%?. Let’s find out first.

Big Player’s Winning

The principle of the online casino is to balance the profits and winnings of the players. Unscrupulous casinos block users who are lucky too often. It is an illegal but common practice of casino scams. It is tough to present something to such services.

Note! There is an exception to the rule when such blocking is legal. Those players who were suspected of using an exploit will be immediately blocked. If you are just lucky, a reliable casino will only be happy for you.

Exploit is any players’ actions are prohibited by regional gambling control authorities. In other words, cheating.

Violating Rules

Casino blocked under reasons described below are players’ fault.

  1. Failed verification process. After registration, the casino requires account verification. It confirms that you are of legal age and have the right to gamble. It is impossible to use the services of the casino. If it is not done in a reasonable time, the platform administration will block the account. Also, if these documents are fake, the casino can initiate a criminal case against you.
  2. Casino prohibits mass-accounting. Online casinos track an account by IP address. In the case of numerous illegal accounts, all without exception are blocked. Also, the player receives a ban on registering on the platform again. Sometimes mistaken blocking of bankrolls happens. For example, the whole family loves to play poker, and 3-5 people are registered on one IP address. Or the player might have forgotten their login details and be unable to recover them.

Mass -accounting aimed at re-receiving bonuses and cheating jackpots on slot machines with progressive prizes.

Bankrolls are the amount of money that players have for gambling-related activities.

  1. regulated by law and is a legal activity. There are rules that all players must adhere to. One of them is the age limit. If the administration finds that the player does not have an acceptable age, he/she will be immediately banned. Otherwise, the casino will be forced to pay a large fine or lose its license for admitting a minor player.
  1. Terms and conditions violated. Registering and verifying an account is considered an automatic acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the platform. It is important to read them carefully, especially the fine print. Otherwise, there is a risk of accidentally breaking the rules, and as a result, the casino will block the account. If players commit violations intentionally, they are aware of the possible risks. If by chance, they have to go through a not always fast and pleasant unlock procedure.

The four reasons listed above are legitimate and, in most cases, exclude the possibility of unlocking.

Risks for Casino’s or Player’s Security

Along with online gambling, hacker attacks are also becoming more progressive. And in case of an outgoing threat from the account, it is blocked. Whether the gambler will be able to unlock it depends on considering the nuances of the case.

  1. Unsuccessful login attempts. When accounts are hacked, hackers sort out passwords and make many attempts to enter accounts. Therefore, when a player makes more than 5-7 unsuccessful attempts to enter the profile, the account is blocked. If they are not hackers, the player can contact support and resolve the situation quickly. The two-factor authentication (2FA) system is one of the best strategies of protection against hackers.

2FA is an additional layer of security to online accounts (password+one-time passcode sent to the email or a mobile phone via SMS.

  1. Unusual banking transactions. Casinos, without their consent, can become a place for money laundering. And legitimate once are fighting this phenomenon. Each casino has a limit. If it is exceeded, the operator will report to the control the strange actions of the player. For example, a transaction worth $5,000. Another prohibited transaction is considered to be a payment from prepaid debit cards. 
  1. Suspicious activity. All actions of gamblers are analyzed by artificial intelligence, and if suspicious patterns are found, the casino blocks them. These can be fixed bets on certain combinations of card games or placing maximum bets on game slots at a certain time.

Steps to Take When Casino Blocked You

In this situation, there are two scenarios of action, and both of them depend on the casino. In the first case, you were blocked by a legitimate and reliable platform. And in the second, you fell into the hands of scammers.

  1. Do not panic. When a person is under stress, their brain activity can deteriorate. Do not rush into despair. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and start looking into the situation.
  1. Do not rush to blame the casino. Perhaps it was you who committed the violations that you forgot about. Read the terms and conditions for using the service. If so, it will be easier for you to achieve unlocking.
  1. If the last point did not help, there might have been an error, and it was an extreme security measure during a hacker attack.
  1. Contact customer support, explain the situation, and ask for clarification.

Further events can unfold according to the two scenarios that we mentioned.

Legal and Reliable Casino

If it is a reliable platform, they will give you an explanation. And if the situation is not critical, they will allow you to restore your account. If you have violated more serious rules, recovery is impossible. You might be allowed to withdraw money.

Consider that legal service does not always mean reliable. So, sometimes you need to push it to get our money back.


Fighting scammers is almost a hopeless business, but it is still possible to ruin their reputation. You can take the following steps.

  1. Write a complaint to the Commission who gave a license, which is listed on the site. Of course, it’s 1% chance that it is real. As practice shows, they are unaware that scammers are hiding under their names. In 97% of cases, it does not help, but it’s worth trying. Regulators can block the casino itself. But if experienced scammers, in a couple of days, they will create a new site.
  2. Write reviews on various forums and special sites. They act as a mediator in the conflict and can sometimes influence a positive outcome. At a minimum, someone reading your review will not fall into the hands of these scammers. It will also lower their rating.

The best protection is a balanced choice of gambling services.

How Can Gamblers Protect Themselves?

No need to approach the choice emotionally. Gently weigh the pros and cons. In this case, the risk is reduced, and you have every chance not to give a reason to block your account.

  1. Think about what exactly you want, what games you prefer to play. Learn more about poker, blackjack, slot, etc. And choose a casino according to your interests.
  2. Conduct an investigation. Do not trust all the information on the official website. Read the reviews, especially the negative ones. Compare positive reviews. If they are repeated almost word for word, they may not be real. Read all the terms and conditions of the casino carefully.
  3. Go to the company’s website that issued the license and check its authenticity. Canadian casinos are easy to check, as the authorities legally regulate this industry.
  4. Find an unbiased review article that describes the principles and key points of the work.
  5. Choose those sites that have welcome bonuses and amounts of min. deposits and withdrawals. It will give you a taste of the game for free.

Based on these criteria, we have selected several casinos with positive ratings. 

On the territory of Canada, strictly monitor the implementation of all regulations. Consider not only state laws but also provincial ordinances. Since they also have the right to engage in the regulation of gambling activities. Compliance with the rules and your research will protect you from possible blocking.

Gamblers’ Responsibility for Scams

Unlike casinos, players do not pay taxes for online gambling and are not prohibited from playing on international platforms (only applies to Canadian citizens). If someone has committed fraud, then a fine is imposed, which depends on the losses incurred by the casino. For more serious crimes, imprisonment is possible.

Casinos’ Responsibility for Scams

Due to Gambling Laws in Canada, they are considered serious offenses. The maximum sentence is five years in prison. But most are limited to two years in jail or no more than six months in prison and a $5,000 fine. Many forms of gambling are illegal in Canada unless licensed or regulated by the federal or provincial government. In 2013, a major raid was carried out by Ontario authorities. As a result, 19 individuals were charged, and more than $2 million was confiscated from Platinum Sports Book users.

Under serious offense means an illegal action under Federal or province laws, and doesn’t need to bring the matter before Parliament.

Is It Possible for Gamblers to Return Money: In What Way?

  1. If it is not possible to resolve the issue with a refund through the casino, there is another possibility if the gambler paid at the casino with a bank card using a chargeback:
  2. Visa;
  3. Mastercard;
  4. Maestro.
  1. Chargeback is a consumer protection tool that allows people to get money back for fraudulent charges or purchases.
  2. The owner of a bank card submits an application for a disputed transaction to the bank and asks to initiate the procedure by providing the following evidence:
  3. A copy of the claim was sent to the casino;
  4. Screenshot of the authorization page with a message that the casino blocked the account;
  5. Screenshots of negotiations with technical support. First of all, with the refusal to withdraw funds;
  6. A bank statement showing payments;
  7. Payment receipts.

After considering the application and conducting an investigation, there is a chance that it will be satisfied, and a refund will be made in a couple of months. If the player managed to win more than he transferred to the casino, the bank cannot reimburse its difference.


Knowing the reasons for blocking a casino account and ways to avoid it will ensure that this situation does not happen to you. Once selected, a reliable gambling platform will save you time, money, nerves, and ensure winning. You will enjoy the game. Remember that this type of recreation can be addictive, so be sure to set certain limits on the amount you lose.

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